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Communicating with Orcas: The Whales' Perspective 

Mary Getten introduced me to the world of Animal Communication via the Orcas. I was drawn to her work in the aptly named Serendipity Books of Friday Harbor, WA when I was 24 years-old.  I think I only got through the first couple pages when I knew I was destined to meet this woman and learn from her. I had no concept of the intuitive world, I just had a surreal draw to the whales since early childhood and connection to the plant and animal kingdoms. After a brief phone conversation I found out she had relocated from Washington to Florida where she graciously invited my best friend and I into her beautiful home and answered all of our questions, sparking my passion for animal communication and unraveling in me the desire for self-discovery. She continued to be my mentor and teacher as I began my own work. I knew this book was my destiny as soon as I saw the cover and held it in my hands. I recommend it to anyone anywhere along their journey. 
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