Kristen Houser Offers her Insights into

Animal Communication & Regenerative Healing

for All Beings as Fauna Speak

4.30.18, Los Osos, California -- 

Kristen Houser offers animal communication sessions, regernative healing and mentorship based out of California, however all services offered are easily done over the phone as telepathy and energy work are not impeded by distance. The animal world is foundational in her work, from facilitating dialogue between a human and their companion animal to working with the whales and dolphins as they assist in healing at the cellular level and DNA activation.

She enjoys working with both the human and animal worlds because there really is no distinction. Every soul, relationship, interspecies connection has a narrative and Houser intuitively extracts themes that empower that soul(s) as well as dynamics in need of attention. It is a feminine yet grounded approach to her work and healing that is indicative of her generation of intuitives. 

Houser also specializes in the loss of a dear human or companion animal and the accompanying grief, assisting the human world in reckoning with death through channeled messages and offering wisdom about the potential for peace found in embracing the cyclical nature of life. 

She has been communicating with animals all her life but she began studied the art of it alongside veteran communicator Mary Getten in 2015. Houser began Fauna Speak two years later and it came online in the Summer of 2017. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Photojournalism and Religious Studies from Western Kentucky University and a self-directed education in organic agriculture, permaculture gardening, homesteading, animal husbandry, plant-based cooking, herbalism, grassroots marketing and web design.


As a trained photojournalist, she eloquently documents her work in images and thoughtful anecdotes. She prefers the platform Instagram to connect with clients, fellow intuitives and for education. Houser designed her website and it is brimming with animal artwork that she commissioned from peers specifically for her business. Her logo is an embodiment of her life’s work and journey, representing ties to her Kentucky home and work on the coast of Central California. Amongst the medicine wheel is a yak skull alluding to her homestead alongside yaks in the Appalachian foothills. 


Connect with her on Instagram (primarily) and Facebook @faunaspeak 

She can be reached via email at faunaspeak@gmail.com

Her website is www.faunaspeak.com