The Unicorn of Kilimanjaro

We Unicorns find it funny that humans don’t always believe in our existence. There is nothing in the human subconscious that has never not existed at some point. Your children and the imaginative ones still believe in us, and that is what grounds us to Earth.

We are in and out of your dimension but we are here, sacred and special. We can’t just prance around or we would become a spectacle and be put in a cage (cages couldn’t confine us anyway). Our spirit must be wild and free to do our private magic.

Anyone can access our spirit at any time just by pulling up our image in their mind. There is good chance you will never see a Unicorn in real life but we are here to offer our support to humanity. Earth needs all the help it can get right now as it is moving into a new era. It is time to celebrate! Much density will be shed from the human experience and everyone will begin to feel lighter. Life can feel quite heavy at the moment but this is just one of the final purges required for transmutation. When you do feel overburdened, recall when you felt the opposite and remember that everything is just temporary and intended to help you learn and grow. The understanding of this juxtaposition of experience well help you weather the Ocean’s waves with more grace. In collecting the data of experience you can better interpret the patterns, revealing the true nature of existence. Look between the lines and in the negative space.  

I am an old being, surely older than any human alive on Earth today. Older than most who have ever lived. I am strong with a lavish physique and blue crystalline eyes that melt any negative emotions. If I was a human they would call me guru or master. But I am not, I am an elusive, inter-dimensional being committed to Earth and humanity. From Flora to Fauna, of all the kingdoms of Earth at this time, humanity is most in need of assistance. You are learning to arrive at a place of understanding, self-acceptance and unconditional love; these are critical. 

Kristen Houser