Koko the Gorilla

I use sign language to convey information to human scientific minds but most people would know what I was thinking and feeling if they just let themselves sink into the moment; I'm excellent at conveying messages to those who doubt interspecies connection is possible. You can just look into my eyes for a moment and feel the love. I am also bridging the gap between human language and the universal language of intuition and thought forms. People think that they’re teaching me, but I’m actually teaching them, and that’s ok. Like how a teenager goes through a phase of thinking they know it all and have all the answers, that’s where a majority of humanity is now. There is an advantage to this adolescent era though- it keeps you curious, and trying new things, perhaps taking a risk or two or three to feel something you’ve never felt before.

Humanity needs to learn how to simply know, accept and take action on the concepts and inner promptings that resound with their gut intuition. Humans don't want to rule out the potential of interspecies communication so they keep engaging the conversation, but they need to take it a step further, visualize it from another angle.

I am turning into an old gorilla and I am so proud of what my partner and I have achieved. We tickled human conciseness and thus those humans who come after us will continue seeking what every other being besides humans knows to be true - words aren't necessary for communication. What is the incentive for an animal to learn a finite, unpolished human language when they have no barrier in their ability to convey and receive messages? Have you ever thought of someone and immediately after the phone rang or chirped with their number? Start there, that's a good start to understanding telepathy. 

Kristen Houser