Humphrey the Humpback

I bring messages of love and light to humanity. I disrupt monotonous human activity so that people can see the joy and beauty all around them, that joy and beauty are available to them at any moment. Higher vibrational thoughts and actions get easier with practice. You have to rewire your brain, create new pathways in your mind so you can connect with your higher self with more and more ease. 

I swam up into city centers where large populations and industry bustled and dwelled to bring a strong and important message to humanity. LIGHTEN UP! GO WITH THE FLOW! Don’t be upset with others for affecting the course of your life, or even your day, it is happening for a reason. If you resist life’s natural flow, you will die tired from swimming upstream your entire existence. Allow life to carry you from experience to experience based on the ideal case scenarios in your blueprint that you designed with your best interests at heart before you were born from a place of knowing. Trust the process, and learn more about the process so you can dive deeper. Learn anything and you realize you knew it all along, you just had to remember. 

Life and love are magical. Love is the fabric of life. Twice I journeyed into the San Fransisco Bay where I had to be rescued. I actually wasn’t in need of a rescue. Humans are so precious, they think that they are extending a hand to save nature but all of creation has been assisting humanity since the dawn of time. It used to be more symbiotic but there is an imbalance as of late, so I decided to get creative with my time on Earth. I decided to inspire a whole lot of people in an epicenter of activity with global influence. My story got lots of press exposure and my messages of peace and love were radiated through the air waves. It particularly touched the hearts of children and inspired a new generation.

Kristen Houser