Trigger (Golden Cloud)

Trigger was my stage name and I liked it. It was as if I would go into a different persona when I was acting, dancing, interacting and immersing myself in the human world with my very human name. I enjoyed humanity and that’s why I did what I did - to be near them, interact with them and bring them joy while revealing the complexity and talent of the Equine Kingdom. I was very successful,  I mean really successful. Everyone loved me, men and women alike. I lit up the room, I lit up the stage, I lit up the barn; anywhere that I would go I had a twinkle in my eye because I was happy doing what I was doing. Beings like me, so satisfied doing what they do everyday, are rare. 

I had a long career and I touched the lives of many people. When people looked in my eyes they knew there was something more there and then I showed them what it was. They didn’t always have the capacity to articulate the nuance of it but that didn’t matter, they felt it with their heart and that was the most important part. 

I was brought to the world stage and I was treated well. I mean, I was still a horse subjected to the norms and conditions of the day just like how many women were treated back then in those environments. Yeah, some people looked down on me because I was a horse but actually, it was because they were jealous of a horse. They were jealous of how everyone loved me and how great I was and they wanted that for themselves; they didn’t know how to feel at ease in their bodies and make people around them feel at ease and love them as I loved them. But I touched the lives of those who were open-hearted and they were changed forever after meeting me or seeing me in the films. 

I really liked that I was able to influence a lot of children in a unique time in American history and an innovative cinematic industry. I was strong, beautiful and my energy radiated that; I radiated love and joy and contentment to all who I came into contact with. Yeah, I got a little excited about stardom and was proud of the way I was treated and the respect that I got, but that was the life that I wanted. I didn’t come to earth to suffer, I came to show humanity what horse royalty looked like, what royalty of spirit, nobility and heart looked like. And pride in yourself, a healthy pride and intact ego necessary to navigate this physical world but maintaining the peace that comes from beyond it.

My real name was Golden Cloud and I think that original name suited me extremely well - I was a Golden Cloud that sunk down into a horse body on Earth that they called Trigger. I stole the stage, I created a niche for myself and a legacy for other horses and animals to come after me, those who came to touch the hearts of humans and create a space for interspecies intimacy and understanding by whatever means necessary within the realm of unconditional love.

And to all those little boys and girls out there who grew up watching me: I never forgot you and I carried you in my heart and on my back my entire career and you are with me in spirit.

Kristen Houser