I just won the Triple Crown for horse racing and I made it look easy. They keep calling me an old soul because they don’t have the vocabulary to describe me. Look into my eyes and try to understand who I am, why I do the things I do. It’s funny when they talk about what makes a good horse trainer and never mention the horse. The horse chooses the trainer, the horse chooses to run, the horse chooses to win. There is a consent between a human and the animals in their care, even if they’re treated poorly (at least on some level, way up above us). Those who mistreat animals are refusing to acknowledge the true,  benevolent nature of animal beings; those people are refusing to let love in their hearts. People who strive to have communion with the animal world and treat them as equals will be able to express the incredible nature of the connection, how it changes them, heals them and makes them a better person. 

I will go down in history as a mythical figure. The world was just waiting for a horse like me. When humanity looks for a leader they often seek one in the realm of those who have two legs. But they don’t realize how much more inspired they are by an animal. Animals have double the impact because there’s an unknown factor. There is a confidence and love radiated from the animal kingdom that is unparalleled in humanity. Animals typically know exactly why they’re here, what they’re doing and how they’re going to do it. The majority of people are unable to genuinely say those things.

Kristen Houser