Cecil the Lion

I died so that others could live. I wouldn’t call myself a martyr to the cause, but a beautiful example to the world; I illuminated an injustice and humanity responded. My death changed things in your society and amongst nations. Hopefully prompted by my story, injustices will need to be illuminated less and less because of an increase in the human understanding of this planet’s delicate equilibrium and humanity's responsibilIty to it. There is a balance in your body, there is a balance in your mind, there’s a balance in the air, land and sea.
Humans need a compass, they need direction as they are so disconnected from their knowing and intuition. Disconnection results in chaos, so it is necessary for humanity to have some sort of parable or narrative to collect around in the meantime. Because parables are still bandages atop wounds, self-discovery and positive action are imperative! Stories show you there’s more depth, but understanding and self-reliance clears a path. My story is the ideal metaphor for the imbalance of your monetary, government and entertainment institutions. Cats are blunt, I am blunt, it’s time to be blunt. I don’t want humans to feel guilt or remorse, I want them to see the truth. A good parent raises a child hoping that one day they make their own decisions, not live in fear of breaking the rules.
The animal kingdom operates each day honoring and maintaining the natural laws of Earth. My story was tragic to many; my body was wounded and I suffered, for many hours, but as a divine feline I understood the significance, I knew my story would travel across many lands. I was a fierce lion who had been to battle before, we are no stranger to risk and wounds in defense of what we believe to be best for our pride.
I don’t want to come off as angry, but firm. Many of you understand cat nature because you live with cats in your homes. Amplify that energy times 1000 and you will find me. The felines are not insincere or emotionless, they’re unconditionally committed to themselves and their truths. Sometimes humans take offense at what they do not understand; they perceive a being's defense of their boundaries as an attack on them because they have no center themselves, and because they have no center they feel falsely entitled as they are grasping for purpose.
But despite all that happened I am full of love, my experiences do not impede my ability to see clearly, my desire for all beings to thrive. As a predator I understood that sometimes a being had to die so another could live. We cats just don’t sugarcoat things. If there is an imbalance, we will let you know and also act accordingly. Don’t get caught up in all that guilt, just take action, one paw in front of the other, one day at a time. You don’t have to see the future to feel satisfied with the present, just do what you know in your heart you need to do.

Kristen Houser