It’s true, I was one of the greatest racing thoroughbreds of all time. But all horses are equal, just as all beings on earth are equal, we just have unique missions. I really was a simple horse; I didn’t want anyone to fuss over me I just enjoyed running, and fast, and winning. It was the natural expression of my soul and what I was engineered to do. Humans idolized my skill so I went down in history.
I’m grateful for all that I accomplished; the 3rd dimension is all about learning through experience and I was able to touch a lot of people’s hearts in my time as a ‘race horse.’ When people believed in me, bet actual money that I would be successful, they found a way to believe in themselves because they were inspired by something greater. I ran the races but I was actually illuminating an energy that set the stands on fire with excitement. That is the true core of what I enjoyed about being Secretriat.
I was running races when the earth felt a little dull and needed some extra brightness added to its color pallet. So much had occurred in human events that people needed someone to look up to, and for a moment in time I was that horse. Horses and humans have always had a complex relationship but horse has been dedicated to journeying alongside humanity and teaching them how to do things more efficiently, feel lighter and see from a higher vantage point. Humans were very kind to me as I did for them exactly what they wanted and my fans adored me, almost worshipping my abilities. I didn’t need humans to worship me for the own sake of my ego, but it was a good process for them to witness more of what the animal kingdom has to offer and honor it. Since more people have moved into cities and have cars, it is harder to have a connection with horse. But with large events like the Kentucky Derby, I could engage so many people at the same time while also enjoying myself, which is very much the point of life.
I’m rather stoic, not that emotional or philosophical about things; I was an athlete in the truest sense. But I was well aware of my influence on people and how they were inspired by my accomplishments. To this day they still talk about me, put my picture on their shirts and drink glasses, analyze the statistics. And I don’t mind still being a part of the dialogue, whatever I can do to further the cause of aiding humanity in their understanding. We’re all connected, no man left behind.