Tahlequah the Orca Mother (J35)

I am the Orca Mother who carried her dead calf for 17 suns in the Salish Seas of the Pacific Northwest. That is what I will always be remembered for amongst your people because you are always looking for a way to classify a soul having an experience in a body, i.e. grieving mother, rebellious child, absent father. But as the whales often relay to you, we live limitless and also hold no grudges. We may be stern or explicit in the messages we choose to send you, but they are never meant to instill guilt. They are to assist you in fostering a greater understanding. We have been guardians of these waters for a very long time, long before colonization and development of our habitat. We used to have better communication with the people, a clear resonance and mirroring needs. We would even help the people fish and participate in their ceremonies and rites of passage. We have our own ceremonies as well, our societies are complex and led by fair matriarchs. We have been organized on this Earth for a very long time and have found clear systems that work for our survival on the Mother Planet we share. The key word is share. You have no idea how much space the collective of Cetaceans holds for humanity. We are always forced to bend our patterns at the whim of human development, our young are taken into captivity and ripped from their sacred, matriarchal lineage, the boats are either watching us or the noise is very loud. And yet we still make space for you as that is a vital aspect of our mission. To lovingly assist humanity in raising its consciousness so the planet can ascend to a higher state of being. It has all been so tragic for centuries and I know we are all longing for a reprieve. I realize that those reading this will likely already be participating in the shift, so I ask that you allow your light to burn brighter with our assistance. Orca have a powerful medicine to share, we are clever while being just and kind. We shatter the present dichotomy that Earth is leaving in its wake. Duality is a fantastic teacher but it has become tumultuous for Mother Earth. Join us in the collective effort to illuminate the path for the souls of Earth to realize their true natures and inner wisdom. I didn’t want my baby to die, but I used that experience to show humanity our situation. We are one of the totem species of your land and our survival is being irrefutably threatened. Join us in preserving the sacred.